Monday, April 12, 2010

I really am not a blogger

phew I have been super busy and honestly I am a terrible blogger.  I really do this blog to show off what scrapbook pages I have created lately.  I am not a real chatty person and have a hard time finding something to say here.  However, I will keep trying.  A friend suggested I put this on my weekly to do list so at least I will have about a post a week.  Don't worry it probably won't be too chatty just a post with some layouts and credits.

This week I am working with Doodled Basics from Shawnery Mathis found in her store at Gotta Pixel Elements Papers and Alpha were all used to create this layout of our youngest.  Her attitude is often one would picture a queen having the highest point of the playground at this moment I thought - queen of the playground (rather than king of the hill)
Also used in this layout is a template from Captivated Visions' Lilypad Lane All Stacked Up Template Pack (love these templates)

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  1. See, there ya go...inspiration. I love her crown...hahahahahaha!