Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Thursday!

I must work for real today so I am not getting much scrapping done, although I am actually "designing."  I don't know if I would really call it that, rather MAKING a calender set to use for my holiday gifts this year and for each year after.  I went shopping around several sites and could find what I was looking for so I am trying to do it myself.  I will post it when it is all done as I will be quite proud of it if it turns out the way I am envisioning it.  If that turns out I will be doing a couple spins on the idea -  I admit I am addicted to calendars.

Over that last few days I did some layouts for Armina Designs.  I was lucky enough to work with her October grab bag which is filled with the most adorable costumed children (20 of them!) and wonderful papers.  The kit also has a bragbook and some quick pages too.  Here are layouts using Sweet Treats! Found at Gotta Pixel!


I also got to play with Armina's new kit Oh, Baby!  I have to admit I love these two layouts.  I love the photos and the way the finished layouts turned out!

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