Sunday, June 6, 2010

Forgive the blog mismatch

I am redoing my blog and it is a slow process at time, so forgive the mixed elements as I do my reno!  I decided to go a little summery and am using Captivated Visions Footprints in the sand to create my blog-wear, this awesome kit can be found at Gotta Pixel, and at Captivated Visions personal store.  I used this tutorial at Cutest Blog on the Block to start.  I hope you and I all like it when it is done!  Here is another layout I have done with this set of goodies!


  1. I likie the border.....lots of details. You are more dedicated than me to the layering, sister, LOL!

  2. New blog looks super cute Dana! Love the Calender too! x